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Parachute Retrospect

Nobody wants to live in a country lead by a tyrant since there are no freedom and you don't' have any rights at all. That is why, more and more people are trying to escape, but the government isn't going to give up its people. Well, they would be willing to kill any people, who are trying to escape the boarders. They would do all what is necessary to keep the people under their control, even if it means killing them. But, that won't keep the people from living the country as they are prepared to die trying than to live in country lead by a tyrant.

The idea of the game is to save as much people that you can. Each people would jump and you need to send them to a truck filled with cotton to break their fall. But, as you make some progress, you would found out that breaking the fall is not just the problem that you need to deal with since there would be lots of things that could hurt the people. Overall, there are 100 people trying to escape and you need to save more than 50 people to win the game.