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Park my Plane

Everyone might think that it is cool to pilot a plane since you get to visit other country, but what you don't understand is how hard to pilot the plane. There are lots of passengers, which means that there are lots of lives, relying on your ability to fly the plane. If you commit a mistake then don't expect that you can get out of that. It is vital that you already mastered the art of flying before you can be a pilot for a plane. Fortunately, there are two pilots, so the other one can relax while the other pilots the plane. They can pilot in turns to assure the safety of the passenger.

In this game, you won't be flying on a plane as you just need to take over it once it has landed. Click on the plane once it landed. Drive it to the parking area, where it can be refueled. You need to do that as fast as you can as other planes need to be park too. If two planes collide then there would be a big explosion and that is the end of the game. After, you park it, you would need to take it to the take off zone for it to take off and you would get paid.