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Park Them All

Parking is not as easy as everyone might think. Some people gets an accident while attempting to park their vehicle. Of course, these guys are careless and such thing happen to those overconfident people. If you think that you are better than the rest then think again since an accident might happen to you. Usually an accident result to deaths, but you would be lucky if you just bruise your vehicle. Then again, why would you want to do that anyway. That would be stupid and you don't want to pay for a paint job since money can't be easily earn in this world. You need to be careful anytime as an accident might be around the corner.

In this game, you would need to park different vehicles as you move from one level to another. Your goal is to park your vehicle to where you need to park it. You know where since you can see the mark in the parking space and it would be hard to miss. However, parking the vehicle won't be easy since there are lots of obstacles in the place. The game has a time limit, so you need to do it quickly, but try not to damage the car as you can't finish the level if the car took too much damage.