Park your Double Decker

You need to remember that you need to be serious at whatever you are doing since life is not joking around. If you are a bus driver then you might end up in jail or the morgue for joking around. One mistake and you would easily lose your life, not to mention the lives of people of your passengers. For sure, they don't want to have an accident as they would want to reach to the next destination safely. They won't be able to get to their jobs if you aren't going to practice all the safety precautions that is a common thing with most of us.

In this game, you need to drive your bus carefully till you got to where you need to go. Don't forget about the passengers waiting quietly at the bus stop. They need to get to their destination, so quietly pick them up and head on over to the drop point. Try to minimize any accident since that won't be healthy. If you hit someone then you instantly fail the game. If you can't get to the destination point on time then you also fail the game. But safety should be your priority since you can't get to the destination point if your bus is all wreck-up.