Parking Fast

If you want to have your very own car then you need to learn to drive and park it first before you look for a car. That is the basic since you might get in trouble if you can't do the basic. Don't get it wrong as the idea of having a car is just to show-off to your friends. It is a lot more than that, as you need to know how to drive since you would need it to travel to anywhere in your country. You don't need to be as good as you see in the car race industry as you would just need how to drive well and park it anywhere. That is the basic and should let you go a long way.

Don't worry as you are not in any way to race in this game since this game is just about parking your car. But, you do need to do it fast as you need to park your car three or more times in a level. Your time is limited and if you can't simply do that in the minimum time frame then you failed the game.

If that sounds easy for you then you really need to prove your skills in this parking game.