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Parking Hooligan

Parking is not as easy as you might think it since most of the time, those who are too confident with their driving skills gets an accident. You might think that it is the easiest thing that you can when owning a car, but that might be a problem if you are not going to observe first before parking your car. There are lot of things that you need to consider when parking your car. Oftentimes, this is the problem with most car owners and they get hurt or get sued in the process just because they forgot to observe some necessary precautions when on the road.

This game is unlike any parking games that you have tried before since instead of trying to avoid an accident, you need to crash other vehicles for you to be able to move to the next level. After crashing all the vehicles that you can find in a level then you need to park your car in the parking space provided. Sped a little more time in the parking space and you are on your way to the next level. The next level after that won't be harder than before and that is the challenge that you need to overcome.