Parking Impossible

With all the advancements in the future, you might think that there won't be a problem anymore as technology already solve that for the people. In reality, technology can't solve most of the problem of the people since it has something to do with the way they handle things in their own life. Even with all the new technology, nothing can be done if you are not going to work on it. That is asking the impossible. Technology an help us to do somethings, but it would never solve the problem all by itself since we are the ones that have the brains and technology is a tool that we can use to make things easier for us.

The game setting is in the future, but the problem remains the same since you still need to find the parking space for your car. Your car can't run without fuel and in this case, you need crystals to power your car. You need to get it, so that you can play the game longer. Well, at least, you need to do that to make it to the finish line. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress.