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Parking Lot 2

Driving your car is surely one of the best ways to take your mind out of your problem. But, the problem comes when you least expected it. Sad to say, some people are not that skilled with their driving and that becomes a problem for most. If you want to own a car then you need to be skilled with it as you don't want to have an accident on the road since that might kill you or other people who are nearby. A skill is learn, so you need to keep on practicing till you have the skill needed to make sure that you can drive the car well.

In this game, you need to park your car at the right spot to be able to go to the next level. Take note that there would be different scenarios in each level and some would not be as easy as the others before them. You need to park your car at the right place before the time runs out. But, you need to focus on driving your car well, since there are many dangers around the driveway. The danger is real as you ca easily encounter it on the real world. Take he game seriously as you might learn something about it while driving your favorite car.