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Parking Lot

Although, many car owners mastered the art of parking, there are those, who are having a problem doing it. That is the why; there are driving schools as you can practice all you want with some experts guiding you all the way through. You can rest assure that you are safe since there will be there to guide you on what you need to do. Getting cocky won't help you if you are on the road and that is something you must know. Being cocky will only get you in danger on the road. Most of the time, cocky drivers tend to show off, resulting to an accident. Although, there are times that you would get an accident even if you are not cocky, but avoiding such behavior minimizes accident on the road.

Safety driving is the rule of the game and this game seems to apply it. Drive with safety in mind as you maneuver your car all the way to the parking area. Through you have limited time in this game, you won't advance at all if you crash your car. The game gets harder and harder as you make progress. Try to avoid hitting anything in this game.