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Parking Super Skills 2

You are applying for a drivers license that you can use worldwide. This means that you should be simply the best if you want to be able to get that kind of license. This won't be easy as getting a normal license since you can use this license all over the world on any kind of land vehicle you might like. To get this license, you need to prove yourself to the examiner and you need to the task as fast as you can or you won't simply pass. The examiner is looking for the best, thus you need to be the best if you want to pass his test.

This game is the second edition and as usual, this is much harder than the first one. If you have a hard time with the first one then this would be much more harder than before. This has a time limit, so try to finish each test as pass as you can since there would be more. If you ain't up to that, then how could you expect to go to the next level. The game gets much harder and difficult as you make some progress. You need to try harder if you want to go on with this game.