Party Time Car Parking

You grow up a rich kid and as such, you don't have a worry in the world except where you would want to hang out next. Every night, you can be seen at the pub and you don't care whether the people there likes you or not. All that matters to you is that you are happy, but you can't stay there forever as you still need to go home. You would need to find the comfort of your home to sleep. Truly, nothing beats home as it is the safest place that you can be.

You are a party goer, who doesn't care about anything else in this game. The idea here is to find a parking space and carefully park it. You should be careful while driving since there won't be an excuses when you hit something. One bump is all it takes for you to fail the game and that is something that you would not want to do. You can't blame it on anyone since you are the one playing and that there is no obstacles in the game, except the road itself. You just need to maneuver your car to where you want to be.