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What would you do if you got a race car that is out of this world? Sounds like a complicated thing since a car like that would not be possible. Well, at least, that is what everyone thinks of. A car company made this possible and it make everyone interested in it. Imagine a car that would be able to go to everywhere. Of course, you can’t still go upwards as that is some sort of impossible even for a physicar. The maker of the vehicle is sure that it would be a hit since no other car maker thought of it. It is the first of its kind and it is bound to sell like pancake in the market.

When it first hit the market, no one was interested as it is too thin and people thought that it can’t carry a thing. One thing is certain though, is that it is made for speed. It look like a bicycle at first since it got two wheels, but they it is a really a car. Don’t’ know why it is called physicar, but one thing is certain and that it can get to almost anywhere as long as there are roads. It defies the natural law of science and that is why it is called physicar.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as possible. There are lots of obstacles along the way and it is the challenge that you must face. The faster you get to the finish line, the better it would be for you. The only way that you can’t get to the finish line is if your car hit a spiky bar. You would get more points if you reach the finish line fast. You can use the points to upgrade your car. The game gets better and more challenging as you make some progress.