Pick up Parking Truck

Wherever you are, you can see how the delivery system works and everyone need this kind of service to deliver some goods for them. Without this system, the economy would fall because there would be no one to handle the delivery of the said goods. Fortunately, you are lucky enough to work for such company as you are the one in for the welfare of the goods at the back of your truck. As the truck driver, you need to ensure the safety of the cargoes and that you won't lose any of them. Failure o do you job might result to termination.

Maneuver your truck in the driveway till you reach the destination. Park your truck well at the parking space with the front always facing the road. However, that won't end the game and certainly won't allow you to proceed to the next level as you are just starting. After that, you need to go to several place and carefully park your truck there. Your truck will be attached to a trailer. You need to go to the destination, where the cargoes are waiting for you to deliver. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.