Pick Up Truck Night Parking

Driving a truck is never easy, but can you imagine how hard it is to park a vehicle at night. You won't see nothing at all as you need to rely on your headlight. Sometimes, headlights aren't enough to see everything on the road and this is where accidents do happen.

When you are driving a truck on the road, you would understand how hard it is compared to driving a car. Parking a truck isn't easy at all as the body of a truck is big, making it harder for a driver to maneuver it on tight spots. And sometimes, we don't have the luxury of choosing the parking spot. You need to park your truck at an available parking spot or not park your truck at all.

Maneuver your truck to the parking spot. Try not to hit anything since it would damage your truck. The game has a limited time, so it advisable that you do act fast. Parking the truck on the parking spot successful would not end the level as you need to park it again to a different location and then go to the finish line to end the level. The game gets harder and harder as you move from one level to another.