Pig It

As a delivery truck driver, you need to ensure that all the pig on your truck can reach the slaughter house in good condition. However, something bad happened as the pigs escape while you are driving. Now, you need to get them back to your truck before you can go to the slaughter house. Those pigs are wondering off the road and should be easily spotted. You need to take them back or they will end up as roast pig for the people close to the road. If that happens then it will be a big loss for your business.

The game is about a delivery truck that loses the pigs. You need to take them back to your truck. Drive your truck on the road and practice safety precautions. Whenever you see a pig, all you need to do is to drive over them and you will see those pigs at the back of your truck. You would also see some cows on the road and they will give you an added point, but you can't take them with you. You will advance to the next level once you completed all the pigs. If you hit a rock then all your pigs will escape.