Pimp My Ford AA Flatbed Truck

Driving a truck isn't a joke since it is harder to drive anywhere because of its big body. Driving it is not like driving a car because it is harder to maneuver. If you see those truck driver then you would notice that most of them are big and that is for a reason. You can easily get tired from driving a truck. For that matter, a truck is hard to maintain because the parts are expensive. But, if you love your truck regardless of how expensive it is, give it a new look, so that it would stand out from the other trucks on the road.

In this game, that is what you need to do. Go ahead and pimp your flatbed truck. Most of the changes that you can do in this game has something to do with the physical appearance. There are no time limit in this game, so take as much time it would take to make the truck more appealing. Actually, you don't even have to do anything in the truck to finish the game as you can leave it as is. But, it is a great idea to let loose your creative side and make something unique.