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Planet Trucker

Trying to study in college wasn’t hard at all, but since you are not that bright, it is hard for you since you have other responsibilities. You need to work as a factory worker since your family isn’t rich at all. In short, you are a working student and the money that you make is just enough for you. You need it to pay for the expenses at school and sometimes, you do share a bit of your earning with your family since your family isn’t rich at all. When you graduated from school, you thought that it would be easier, but it turns out to be as hard as before.

Since you are not that bright, your grades aren’t impressive enough to impress your future employer. It only means that you are just like any other workers out there. You need to work hard to impress your boss else, he would fire you someday. At least, that is the main idea, but since you don’t have any job yet, you focus on finding a job. It is hard for you since you aren’t popular and you don’t have powerful friends that can help you in your job search. You got lucky someday when an old friend searchers for a porter to help him. He teaches you how to drive the truck and in time, you become the truck driver when left the company. Your boss is one of the contractor outside this world. When you become his driver, you were sent outside the solar system to work as a driver.

The idea here is to pick some of the items along the way and deliver it safely to its destination. You need to be careful since you might lose them along the way. Your time is limited so make sure not to waste your time. Be careful while driving the truck, else you might get an accident along the way and you wouldn’t be able to finish the level.