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Play Time Car Parking

Being a socialite, you go almost to every party that you got invited. Though, it is not a responsibility, but your ego won't permit it that anyone of your so called friends have something to say to you. Of course, it won't earn you any money, but you just want to brag about your new car and the best way to show-off is by showing your car without scratches. If there is a scratch on your car then your friends would notice it and you won't be popular anymore. It is more like a public face that you are showing to the world as you just care about what your friends think of you and you don't want them to think that you are outdated.

This game has nothing to do with being a socialite because you are just parking your car in every level. Of course, the level of intensity in the game differs, but the goal is just the same as you need to park your car as fast as you can. There is a timer in the game and you need to park your car before it ends. The game becomes more difficult as you make some progress.