Pogo Car Crush

Driving a car can be dangerous depending upon your driving skills. Then again, you can practice this, so you would be good someday. However, playing the pogo is dangerous since you might have an accident while playing it. If you landed wrong then you would surely hurt yourself. The pogo is a popular way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Of course, this is for kids since no adult would be willing to play it in public and be laugh at. However, no one would certainly laugh at you if you are doing a stunt that might kill you in the process. In this game, you would be controlling a man doing a pogo with the vehicles on the street. The rule of the game is to make sure that you landed on top of the vehicles passing-by. If you can't then the game would be over. If you manage to get the special of the game then you can land on the road without getting an accident. Aside from that, there are other specials in the game that you might want to try. There are no levels in the game, so once you landed on the road the game would be over.