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Police Car Paking 3

A police man's job is never easy as you need to arrest the bad guys and keep everyone safe in your area. That means, you need to move from one area to another. Yes, it involves car driving since you can't get to one area then to go to another area if you are just walking. Remember that you need to do this fast or the criminals would escape by the time you arrive. This means that you need to practice your driving and parking skills if you want to do your duties as a police. Otherwise, you would just have an accident while doing your job.

Fortunately, in this game, you can practice your driving and parking skills. This game has a time limit, so it would be best to do the task as fast as possible. You would need to park your car twice before you are allowed to leave and go to the next level. Each level would be different, so try your best o park your car twice within the time-frame. The game becomes harder and more challenging as you make some progress, so be better ready to face each challenges.

Are you ready to chase some bad guys?