Pooh Bear Honey Truck

We all know that Pooh Bear likes honey very much. He would eat all the honey in the world if he can. Of course, we all know that honey is one of the staple foods of bears and they do like it, but honeys are not easy to make. It would take some time before the bees can produce a good size of honey. Pooh need to gather and save as much honey as he can to the coming winter or he would run out of something to eat. Of course, he can settle with the other food that bears eat, but the problem is that the winter months would make it harder for him to search for food and he would need to hibernate for months. He need to store some stocks of honey now as he can’t do that in winter.

Pooh grab his truck and he plans on stacking some honey for the cold months ahead. He need to look in every place possible since he need to stack on honey. This would be a problem for him since honey is not easy to make. He would need to move from one area to another to get enough honey that he could stack for the rest of the month.

In this game, you are Pooh Bear and you need to stack on honey. Of course, you would be driving a truck in this game and you won’t need to go looking for honey since you can find it at the start of every level. All you need is to collect the honey and you need to make sure that you won’t drop a single honey. Actually, you can make it to another level even if you drop some honey. All you need is enough honey to get to the next level.