Porsche Thief

If you want to be a race car driver then you need to get one of the fastest cars in the world since that would allow you to be able to drive fast. However, a car like that would cost you a fortune and that is something that you don't have. Sad thing, you don't have enough money to buy one since you are not that rich and you won't get a sponsor if you don't have a car for the race. Your only option is to steal it, but that won't be easy since you know that it is against the law. But, if you manage to pull if without ever getting caught then you would be home free. Don't worry, you are not going to steal anything in this game. Even if that tittle suggest that, there won't be stealing in this game. This game is about good old driving and the idea here is to get to the finish line. You would start with a truck and you need to get to the finish line as fast as you can. The Porsche would only be available in level 3. The game would get harder as you make some progress.