Postman Pat Delivery Service

Postman Pat is not your average mail delivery man as he loves and proud of his job. Everyone likes him because he is not only kind, but do his job as best as he can. He makes sure that the mails are delivered on time, so that the receiver would be happy. Though, he is not getting anything from what he does, he is still proud of what he does for living. It is not the most wonderful job in the world, but it makes him happy and for Postman Pat, that is what count the most.

Postman Pat is one of the most famous cartoon character and now he is given a game. The idea here is to deliver the mail and everything else on time. Try not to lose any of it, but if you can't do that then try to salvage the rest. You won't get nothing from delivering the mail on time, but this game is a sure fun way to sped your time with. Of course, you need to drive with care n mind as you might meet an accident while on the road. The road would be dangerous if you are not in the right mind.