Postman Pat Special Delivery Service

Everyone want to receive their mail since it comes from their love ones. Whatever that is, you can bet on it that the family waiting for that is waiting for that for days. When it finally arrives the family would be very glad as they know that they are in good hands. The package can range from money to anything that they can use in the house. Of course, you do understand that you need to pay more if the package if large. But, if the package is small, such as that of an envelop size then the family won't need to pay for anything.

Postman Pat has been in the delivery service for quite some time and has been love by almost everyone since he make sure that the package is delivered to the right person all the time. Everyone feels comfortable whenever they are around as they know that they are in safe's hand. Whether it is snowing, raining or whatever weather we have outside Postman Pat would make sure that the package is delivered. He would deliver the package with a smile to the rightful owner without anything in exchange.

In this game, you are Postman Pat and it is your job to make sure that the package reach its destination. You don't need to wait since the game starts the game loads. You don't need to slow down since you don't even need to save the package to get to the next level. It is just that the packages are associated with your score, so if you want more points then you should make sure that you won't lose any of the packages. There won't be anything that would endanger your journey on the road, but there are the mountain that might throw your packages.