Primitive Parking

You might think that you know all about our history, but if you think that they don't use some kind of transportation back in those days then think again. Back then they have a car. It might not have some engine in it, but it pretty much functions the same like that of car we have today. It is run via foot power, which means that the people on that car would need to run to move it. However, going back in time would not let you the problem in parking that we have today. During those days, there are no parking area and you need to park the car to wherever you feel like it.

This game gives you an insight of the problems our ancestors face back in the days. And since, they use primitive ways to build a car, you can't expect it to be quality. A single bump would crash the car immediately. Your objective is to drive your car all the way to the open space where you can park the car. Try to reach the parking spot as early as you can since this game has a time limit and not reaching the destination would end the game.