Railway Parking Dash

The railway is a busy area since there are always train going through it. It is also among the list of the most dangerous driveway in the world since train always passes to it. A train is a big vehicle that can only run along the trails. If your car got hit then you can't complain at all as you are dead by then. However, because of the advancement and the ever growing population, the railway become part of the road and some people have to deal with that every day. They just have to cope with the flow or they might die. The train operator don't want other people to die, but accidents do happen and a large vehicle like that is prone to accidents.

You need to maneuver your car through the railway to get to the parking space. But, that won't be easy since there is a train passing-by and you need to avoid colliding with it. On top of that, the road that you need to maneuver is very narrow because there are other parked vehicles along the way. You need to park your car twice and get to the exit point to advance to the next level.