Raju Meter 2

Sandra is getting married and she needs to get to the church as fast as she can. However, her dilemma is that she can't find a vehicle to get her there. Fortunately, a raju is just passing by at that time. Sandra called the attention of the driver and asked him to take her to the church before the wedding starts. She needs to go there, so the wedding could proceed. This is her most awaited moment as this is the time that she will finally be tied to the man of her dreams. For a girl to get married to the man of her dream is a wish come true as this doesn't happened everyday. But, all that would be lost, if she can't get there in time.

Drive as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. This is a race against time so you should try to avoid anything that will slow you down on the road. Colliding with another vehicle should be avoided at all cost. However, someone is trying to stop you from making it on time so you need to fight. They are well-armed so you need to use your own gun to fight back.