Random Racing

A race is something that excites most of us. You need not only be fit, but also has the money to participate in a race. You would need money to buy upgrades for your car and to pay for participating in the said race. If you can get a sponsor then that would be great. Even if each car is not the same in the race, these vehicles are still of the same kind. If the sponsor want a bike all the other participants would be on a bike. That is how it goes and that would stay. There are no race, where you could see a car racing against a truck or other types of vehicles. That would look awkward and funny.

However, in this game, that is possible. You need to drive different vehicles throughout the game. This game is different in most games out there since you would need to spin a roulette to know what type of vehicles you would be using. Like in most games, there are something that you need to collect to win the race. And yes, money plays a big part of the game as you would need money to spin the roulette. In this game, you can only upgrade through roulette.