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Real City Parking

Every day, we go on our way and doesn't seem to care about anything else, but us and anything that we need to do that day. We drive our car and park it on an open parking space whenever there are one. And that seems to be easy for you as you don't even bother about if something goes wrong. Well, that is life for you as we don't really bother with anything else in this life except our own. Why would you bother anyway if it doesn't concern you. That is what reality is all about.

In this game, you need to park your car several times as you move from one end to another. During such, you would need to deliver something from one point to another. The idea here is not to deliver the goods, but to park your car successfully. Driving the car form one point to another is just a side mission and you don't even need to be good at it. You just need to make sure that you can park your car at all the parking slot. Do it several times to move from one level to another. The game gets challenging after every level.