Real Truck Rage

Whenever searching for a job, we need to remember that we need to do the job well or else, we might lose eh job. You are just fresh out of college and you don’t have experience yet. Luckily for you, you know how to drive trucks and that something is considered an advantage since not everyone can drive a truck. You might be one of the many people that could drive their car, but that doesn’t mean that you would qualify as a truck driver. Trucks are much bigger and they are harder to control than cars. You would also need a license that is much better than the one that you are using for your car.

As one of the newest employees of the company, you need to prove to your boss that you can do the job. You can do that by being able to deliver the deliveries on time. Of course, lets’ not forget about the time that you need to deliver and the damage that you can make to the truck. That would cost you your job if you are not careful. You need to be careful as that would determine if you are able to keep your job and that would mean the trust of your current employer.

In this game, you need to get to the parking space and park the truck there. Try to park it on time since the game has a timer. When the timer expires then you would lose the game. Also try to avoid some crashes as much as possible. Your truck would explode and the game would be over if your truck takes too much damage. The game would be much harder and a more challenging to do once you are able to make some progress. This won’t be an easy one.