Red Road Rage

In a world overrun by zombies, the only ones that you can trust your life with is your other half. The third one would be the one that you hire to drive your car as you search and destroy those undead around the area. Sure, that won't solve the problem of the world with the zombies, but at least, you are going to control the number of zombies in your area, which means that you would be safer in your area. It is not important on other parts of the word, pretty sure that it is overrun by zombies by now. What is important right now is keeping your compound safe from those flesh-eating monsters. In this game, you would be the driver and it is your job to drive the car around the area. Find the zombies and crash it with the car or you can let Nathalia shoot it and just concentrate on your driving. Find some fuel and other valuable around the area. Well, you could probably do that as long as there are zombies roaming around, so it is best to stay away from them as much as possible. At least, for the time being as you are searching for something valuable. Besides, you would want to make more cash and money isn't easy in this game.