Red Wagon

When living in a small town, where most people farm they way to living. You don't have that much money and you need to be smart in buying something for your farm. You need a tool that can be use to a lot of jobs. You'll also need a vehicle that you are going to use many times. When it comes to vehicles, most farmers chooses tractors since it can be use to till the land and to deliver their farm produce. A tractor is the most logical vehicle that you would need around the farm because you can do a lot to it and it also last a long time.

Drive the tractor to where the wagon is. You need to connect the two before you can load some farm produce at the back of your tractor. Otherwise, there won't be any place for the farm produce at the back of your tractor. Drive the tractor as fast as you can till you reach the destination. But, you should also consider some safety precaution when driving. Safety is always first in anything that you do, otherwise, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble. You'll earn money after each level and you can use that money to buy a better tractor.