Retro Pick up Truck

In a small town where you live in, you can't expect to find some high-paying job as you would be glad to find a job at all since most of the people here are not earning much. You must do your best once you found a job since you can expect that almost everyone is looking for a job. They would be glad o replace you anytime soon and they would try to keep that job for a long time. You are able to find a job as a truck driver in a small company. Your job includes delivering some items for the company.

The game is played with a mouse and you should keep all the cargoes safe in your truck. First thing that you need to do is put the cargoes on your truck. The time is running so you need to hurry up what you are doing. You need to drive the truck as fast as you can to the company warehouse. Make sure that you won't be losing any of the cargo along the way. The path ahead would be a bumpy ride so it would be tough to do that. You would earn money based on the amount that each cargo, so you better not loose them. You can use the money to buy better truck.