Retro Truck

The secret to making lots of money is with consistency. You need to provide a service that can be consistent. Never try to outsmart someone in the industry because they would be the ones that you run into the industry. Having someone getting a grudge over you is not healthy since it would affect your business somehow. You need to do your business with honesty in your mind and make sure that they are happy with the kind of business that you are doing. One of the best business is to deliver something if you have a truck. You could make lots of money if you do your business right.

You don’t need to make lots of cash right away since those customers that are satisfied are sure to come back for more while those unsatisfied one would look for another pickup truck the next time. By that time, you won’t make money if you lose a customer. In the delivery business, you need to deliver those crates on the right time without losing much of the crates. Trust is important in this business and if they don’t trust you anymore then how the hell would they want to do business with you. In the countryside, there won’t be a lot of people that is going to hire you. You would need a trust factor to grow your business.

In this game, you need to make money by delivering some crates. You do understand that the less crate you deliver, the less money you get. If you want to make more then you need to protect those crates. This game is played with a mouse and a keyboard. After putting the crate on your truck, you need to drive it carefully till you reach the destination. It would be better if you can get there fast, but if you can’t do that, then just arrive there with the crates.