Road of Fury 2

Three months have passed since the first time that you got into trouble with a gang. You manage to pull through and you defeated all the gang members. You thought that it was the end of all your troubles. But, you are wrong as a new gang shows up and now they are after you. You know that this would be a tough fight and you would not let them defeat you in any way. Fortunately, you got help along the road as two more road warriors have joined your fight. These two have been bothered with the same group, so joining you was a great cause for them. As you are driving your car, you'll be bothered by gangs. Actually, you are not going to drive in this game since it is done automatically. You just need to point the gun to where there are enemies. You would earn money from every enemy you killed. You can use the money to upgrade your car afterwards. As time passes, two others would join you, which bolster your force. Upgrade them too since you would need those two to win the game. The game become harder and harder as you make some progress, so don't forget to upgrade your vehicles along the way.