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Rocky Transporter 2

Ore mining is a booming business as we need the ore to create beautiful jewelries. Most of the time, the ores that are mined are just for constructions since it is just iron, but there are times that important metals like gold and other high-valued jade, diamond are seen inside the mine. Anyway, for the workers, it is just another day as they don't get those minerals anyway. They are paid to mine, so anything that they mine goes to the manufacturing company. To deliver those mined goods, a truck is needed. The driver ensures that the mined rocks and iron won't be lost while it is at the back of the truck.

The idea here is to deliver enough mine to the manufacturing company. But, before you can do that, you need to wait for the minerals to fall at the back of the truck. Now, you need to drive the truck to its destination. But, be careful on doing that since those minerals are highly-priced and the company won't want to lose them. This game has a time limit and it is important that you are able to get there in time or as fast as you can to pass the level. Also, you need to deliver enough to be able to pass the level and head on to the next level.