Rolling Tires 3

No vehicle can run without its tires. Driving your truck without a tire will surely result to an accident on the road. Without a tire, there will be lots of friction created between the metal and the cement. That is why, tires are made out of rubber. The rubber makes sure that there will be less friction between the road and the metal part of the car. It is true that you can still drive a vehicle on he road without some rubber on it, but since there will be lots of friction, the truck will run slower compared to a truck that has rubber. If you have heard of the term "burn some rubber", now you know why i it is necessary that you should put a tire on your truck.

The game is played via mouse and it is interactive. The idea here is to click on the blocks, so the tire would fell and be drop at the vehicle. There are no time limits in this game, but it is sure fun to get a high score. Your score will depend on how fast you are able to out the tire on the vehicle. The game will be harder as you you make some progress.