Rush n Rescue

Whenever there are fire around, you can bet that firefighters will be there to save the day. They have been training for those moments so they know what to do in case a fire broke out. However, they can't do their jobs if they can't arrive on time. That responsibility goes to the firetruck driver. He is the one that makes it possible for firefighters to do their job. Without him, no one will be save in the first place since the firefighter can't arrive at the scene on time. That is how important firetruck driver are and you are lucky to be one. You have the privilege of making the firefighters do their job.

In this game, you won't do anything, but to drive your truck to safety. That might sound easy, but it isn't since there are other vehicles around. The other vehicles won't be bumping your truck on purpose, but since they are too many on the road, it gets harder to maneuver your truck. The other vehicles act as your obstacles. One bump from them and the game is over. There are no special item that can help you in this game. You will have to depend on your driving skills to get you where you should be.