Russian Jeep

Back in World War 2, soldiers have introduced the use of jeep as they are very convenient to the environment. Air flows smoothly through them and soldier can easily mount some large projectile weapon into it without any problem. It is built for tough times as you can almost take it anywhere without any problem. Most high ranking officials would use jeep as they symbolize power in the chain of command. Average soldiers rides on trucks and the tradition seems to be carried on to this day. As time passes by, average people find out that it is will serve them too better than cars they have adapted the jeep to their simple life.

The idea here is to destroy the airplane bombing their way. They will launch bombs when they are near you so you need to take them out first before they take you down. Launch some missiles and try to avoid the bombs that are dropped down by the enemy airplanes. The game is played with the arrow keys, so you can play the game with one hand. Launch a missile while trying to avoid the bombs being dropped at you. There are no time limit in the game so you can enjoy as long as you like.