Safari Adventure

Three friends decided to have their Safari adventure and just drive their vehicles to the beautiful safari to have a glimpse of the stars. It will be night so, the dangers that are in the safari can't be seen clearly and they will just have to defend on the light of moon and the stars to guide their way. They know that if they hit something like a boulder than that is the end of their safari adventure. That will annoy them and they don't want that to happen so they will follow the one in front. When the vehicle ahead jumps, they have to jump too as the two vehicles can't see what is in front of them.

Drive your vans as fast as possible and get as much stars that you can on a trip to the safari. The jumping ability of each van is not the same. The stars appearing at night differs in their heights. You need to choose, which van to use to get the stars, since only the van that jumps the same height of the stars can get those stars. When picking vans that will get the stars, pick the one that can jump at the same height that the stars are in.