Safe Crackers

For most of us, working hard is the way to go since we want to be fair to others. We take the time to do our job very seriously as we want our boss to be proud of us. That way, his/her customer would come back and we would have lots of job. We don't want the company to get bankrupt as we aren't sure if we are able to get a replacement job as fast as possible. However, those who steals are very secretive and don't want to share the details of their work since they don't want to get busted. If they got busted, they won't just lose the money, but they would also go to jail. They would serve a lot of years in jail. In this game, you would be driving your car next to the building where the safe is located. There would be a time limit, so better hurry with your driving or you would risk of losing. As soon as you get to the building, you would need to walk in the building and from then on, you can unlock the safe. The lock must be picked at the right order to open the safe.