Santa Gifts Delivery 2

Christmas is near and all the Christmas elves have been working non-stop since the start of the New Year. Now, they have more than enough gifts that would be delivered to the nice kids. However, they need to move most of the toys to another warehouse since their warehouse can't hold the entire toys. Santa would have to move the toys himself since he is the only one that can drive the truck. He needs to make sure that none of the toys fell off the truck or some nice kids might lose their gift this coming Christmas. That would be terrible and Santa wouldn't like that.

Wait till all the gifts are loaded at the back of the truck. Press start, so you can start driving the truck. Drive carefully since this game doesn't have a timer and you don't want to lose the cargoes at the back of your truck. Pick up some goodies for some bonus points along the way. The game can be a sap if you would just concentrate on your driving and not let any gift fall off the back of your truck. Always drive with safety in mind and you would finish the game with ease.