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Santa Rush

Santa is on a rush to collect some Christmas present in time for Christmas. He knows that if he doesn't hurry then the children will be sad because there are no gifts for them. However, most of the gifts are scattered all over the road since Santa met an accident while he was in the sky. There was this helicopter, which Santa managed to avoid, but the gifts came falling down. Santa need to collect them all before Christmas comes or that will be the saddest day for the children.

Drive the truck as fast as you can and collect the gifts that are scattered on the road. Not all the gifts can be reach so you need to thrown a candy at it to get it. There are only 30 candies and when those candies are no more, you can't get the gifts up in the air anymore. You can only get the ones that are on the road. The game will be harder than it is as you progress in the game, but that is just normal in such game. The obstacles will keep things much harder for you. There are no time limits in this game so you can take all the time in the world.