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Santa Toy Parking Mania

Santa has been in the toy making business most of his life. Now, that he is old, he tends to sit back and relax since he hired someone to deliver it for him. These days, Santa won't be much active since he is too old and would just stress himself if he would try to do it on his own. That is why; he hired you to deliver the presents for him. But, you don't know how to stir the reindeer. Santa knows that modern time’s means that he would have to go on with the flow thus; he bought a truck, which would be driven by you. He knows that you can do the job and that is why, he has chosen you to do the task that he have been doing most of his life.

In this game, you would need to drive a truck to pick up the presents and drive it to the main factory. This means that you need to drive your truck to the parking area and then drive it to another area to unload the cargoes. Then again, you won't need to unload your cargoes as this is a parking game and that would only be your concern.