Santa Truck Delivery

Two month's till Christmas and the Christmas elves are busy working to make more toys. They know that the good kids are counting on them and they don't want to disappoint these little guys. They have been god all year round and they deserve some toys to make them happy. This is but a little consolation for something that is hard to do nowadays. The world has been corrupt and children sees it everywhere. It is no wonder that they act it. After all, they act what they see. If nothing is done then there would be no more good someday. That is why; Santa is doing something about it, at least, by giving them gifts, the kids have something to look forward to.

Meanwhile Santa is also hard at work since he is assigned in delivering them. He makes sure that the present reach the warehouse safe and sound. If some of them are gone then some good kids won't get a present and that would make them very sad. Next year, they might change their attitude and that is something that Santa don't want to happen. He want to take care of the good kids, so they would become good citizen of the world someday.

In this game, you need to deliver those gift as fast as possible. But it isn't necessary, since you can deliver those gift even it is too late. There is an old saying, better late than never and that is applicable in this game. The road ahead is a bumpy ride since there are lots of mountain that you need to pass. Try not to lose any of the gifts, but if you can't do that, then just Make sure that you have enough to finish a level. The game becomes more challenging as you make some progress.