Scooby Doo Snack Adventure

The guys and girls went out on the trip, but they forgot to tell Scooby that they would be out for a while. When Scooby awakes, he found out that he was all alone and started worrying. What could happened to my friends, she said to himself. He searched all over the place and still find nothing. Fortunately, his friends left the mystery van. This would have given Scooby some clue that the others are still near, but Scooby can't think straight since he was too afraid. Scooby hop on the van and began exploring. On his way to searching his friends, he found some snacks and did forget about the fact that he was searching for his friends.

You are Sooby Doo in this game and it is your job to drive the van to the finish line. You might think that this would be an easy task since that is all that you gonna do, but that is where you are wrong since driving is no joke and you would find out in this game. Grab some snacks as you are driving to get more points. Also, getting to your destination as fast as possible gives you some bonus points.