Scoop Deliveries

The parcels are ready to be sent to the addressee, but truck driver got an accident and lost the parcels on the driveway. The company sends in another postman to retrieve the parcels as they don't want to lose it since that would be bad for their company image. The new truck driver now uses a forklift truck as that is the only truck available right now. He would need to maneuver the truck through the city and find the parcels before it is too late. Failure to find it might result to his termination and the truck driver doesn’t want to lose his job.

Drive the forklift truck all over the city in search of the lost parcels. The parcels are scattered well, so you need to look for it everywhere. Take note, there are no signs that you are getting close the parcels. You will have to depend on your instincts to find the lost parcels. There are no time limits in this game. Try to look everywhere since the parcels can be everywhere. There are no secret in this game as you just need to have the patience to find the parcels. The game doesn't have any level as it ends when you find all the parcels.