Scoops Deliveries

You work as a truck driver for a company. As a truck driver, you need to do your job well or you would lose your job. It is a hard and physical job since you need to take those cargo to your truck, but you don’t have an option and you need to do it by yourself. You are newly graduate and you can’t just find a good work by all means. You need this job and you don’t want to lose it driving is the only job that you know and you aren’t if you are able to find a new job after that.

Driving trucks is a great job for you since this has been your job for several years. In short, you have been your master the skills needed for this job. Your boss owns a delivery service and you as a driver need to perform some task for him. There are a lot of parcels that needed to be picked up and you need to find them or they would get lose. Maybe, someone else might picked them up and it would be too late for you when that happened. You like the job and you intend to do it for a longer time since it is not easy to find nowadays, especially since many people are looking for a job.

In this game, the idea is to get all those crates as fast as you can. They are scattered all over the area. You need to find them as they won’t show up in the map that you have. It would be hard, but that is your job and you need to do well. This game involves locating the parcels in the land. The task is collecting them as fast as you can and you would need to collect them all before you can proceed to the next level.