Sea Monster Crane Parking

We might not believe it, but sea monsters are out there. You might be asking, where you can find one, but that like finding the Big Foot since there are numbers are not that high. Also, the fact that they avoid contact with people makes them not visible to most humans. Only those lucky ones are able to find them, but are they truly lucky since these monsters are called monsters for a reason. They would be feasting on any kind of life form they encounter. These monsters are hostiles and they need to be avoided as such there are some groups that make sure that there welfare are not being harassed.

It is a rare occasion, but they are attacking us for obvious reasons as their food source are depleted. It can be credited to that dynamite fishing in the area. Their food source, can’t reproduce since the young are being cached as well with dynamite finishing. It is a sure way to catch some fish, but the effect is terrible to the ecosystem as the fish young that would eventually grow up die as well. These sea monsters feed on such fish and now that they are gone, they are looking for another food source, namely us.

In this game, you won’t be battling sea monsters; instead, you are going to put them back in the sea, where they rightfully belong. Don’t worry as it won’t be dangerous as they are not going to attack. They are harmless since this is just a game. The whole idea is put them back in the water. Of course, it won’t be easy as you would need to drive the crane near the sea. The game gets harder and more difficult as you make some progress. Each level, you would be dealing with different monsters.