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Semi Truck Parking

If you need a job then you need not to be picky since the world is in a crisis. If you are going to get picky on what type of jobs, then you would not get a job at all. Try to learn some new things as you never know when you can use it. As such, getting a job would almost be impossible since everyone needs a job nowadays. For whatever reasons, they would need a job to be able to support their family. Their family is struggling and no one want to see their family struggling.

You just got your first job and you know that you need to do good to impress your boss. As a truck driver, you need to ensure that there won’t be a scratch on the truck. At least, some new ones since the truck is old. Your boss wouldn’t also like to lose any of the cargo as that would result to your termination. You need to be on time, so to say, you need to deliver those cargoes on time, but you can say that there is traffic. But, that won’t get you any sympathy and might result to you losing a job.

In this game, the idea is parking your truck. You need to do it as fast as possible since there is a time limit and the time is ticking. There are obstacles that you need to overcome to do that. If you manage to hit something along the way, that won’t end the game instantly since there is a life bar. Now, when the life bar turns to zero then that would end the game. That is a good reason to stay away from those obstacles if possible. The game gets challenging as you make some progress.